Advantages of ISMAEL's detection system

The advantages of a detection system based on magnetic sensors will be:

  • low cost in production and installation;
  • the small size of the sensor allows installation at almost any place;
  • low energy cost and easy maintenance (e.g. if the installation is combined with airfield lights);
  • information on vehicle/aircraft position, speed, motion direction and even general classification of vehicles;
  • detection performance independent of climate changes such as snow, fog, rain, temperature, etc.;
  • the modular architecture of this concepts allows easy system upgrades, like new software, or exchange of the sensor head with a type from a new generation;
  • Passive detection principle - no radiation, no interference with other systems such as aircraft radios;
  • Completely unaffected by buildings, other aircraft, road traffic or anything else that can interrupt the line of sight of existing equipment.  Hence no “black holes”, even between terminal buildings;
  • Does not rely on secondary radar transmissions (as multi-lateration does) and therefore will detect and locate not-transponder equipped light aircraft or vehicles, aircraft with failed transponders or whose transponders have been switched off;
  • Location of the aircraft is based on the known physical location of the sensor – a fixed point that can be used as a switch for positive control of lighting in the same way as a track circuit controls railway signals.