Expected end results and intentions for use and impact

A steady increase of air traffic over the last decades has led to the situation that many major airports are working at their capacity limits. Efficient measures are required to overcome the resulting delays and to cope with the projected traffic volume in the future. ISMAEL responses to these emerging needs with the following expected results:

 The addition of new, comparatively low-cost passive sensing technology to SMGCS

 A SMGCS solution for regional and smaller airports

 A candidate contributor to existing SMGCS solutions by adding a new technology module to survey otherwise hardly controllable airport areas, e.g. blind areas of SMR coverage, or where active sensors are not sufficient and reliable, since not all aircraft and vehicles are equipped and there is no fall back in case of failure.

According to the main philosophy in aviation: “safety first”, this project contributes to this objective by enhancing situation awareness to the control personnel. ISMAEL will provide precise and accurate surface surveillance irrespective of visibility, which will be of great help for keeping the airport management in a safe situation at small or middle-size airports. The ISMAEL product can also be used as point surveillance which works as one input to a multisensor A-SMGCS at a major airport – fixed point surveillance independent of other systems at critical locations such as runway stop bars. A worldwide market is accessible in more than 80 countries, each with at least 5 airports with a need for SMGCS in various levels of complexity. Large project integrators and airport development companies will be interested in the technology, once its usability and reliability has been proven.