The dissemination task of ISMAEL makes the activities of the project transparent to both experts and the general public. Also, a strategy towards economic success of the new technologies and the appropriate market penetration has been established. During the current project phase, Market Analysis has been started with segmenting the potential market for ISMAEL according to different airport characteristics (annual passenger number, annual movements, layout, etc.) obtained from different statistical and regulatory documents. Important information not contained in these documents has been obtained through e-mail survey addressing more than 500 airports. Respective results are currently analysed and will serve as starting point for the subsequent estimation of market potentials for the segments identified.

A dissemination plan has been issued which contains information for the partners on how to present exploitable knowledge and publishable results. Moreover, the dissemination approach and targeted stakeholder and user groups are presented. Publications in the Internet and in relevant journals and magazines as well as ISMAEL’s project brochure and broadcasted documentary films have been made to disseminate ISMAEL result to the general public as well as experts. Presentations have been held at various international conferences. Referring to concertation, candidate projects in related fields have been identified and contracted.