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HiTec (www.hitec.at) is an Austrian non-university research institution promoting effective practice in the commercialisation of new and emerging technologies. As partner in European research projects, HiTec accompanies innovations from the initial idea on to establishing a business model and provides support to colleagues from research and development.
Within the course of ISMAEL, HiTec identifies relevant user groups and analysis their needs, requirements, and limitations. It validates the detector system prototype and the detection system as a whole into applications to be subjected to a socio-economic impact analysis. For most promising applications the benefits to the aviation sector, users’ acceptance, and the societal and legal impacts of the developed system are assessed. In addition, the cost/benefit ratio based on investment and utilisation patterns of the new detection technology and technology-based applications is investigated.

An other important contribution of HiTec is its exploitation and market analysis, which serves as basis for improvements of the detector system and its further development towards marketable products. It comprises of an extensive survey among European airports to draw a picture of the characteristic features of the airport market by depicting airports’ layout, visibility conditions and traffic volume as indicator of their operational strain. Moreover, existing and planned technological infrastructure for ground traffic management is levied constituting the operating environment of the ISMAEL system. To provide the foundation for a successful market introduction, potential market opportunities and adoption barriers on the part of the airports as well as of other relevant stakeholders, such as regulatory bodies, are identified. In addition, existing and emerging technology offers serving as substitutes or reference cases for the magnetic sensing solution are evaluated. Finally, possible impacts of introducing the new technology to operational modes and concepts in air traffic management and ground aircraft detection are assessed.

In the course of the dissemination task HiTec communicates the activities of the project to both experts and the general public by preparing and co-ordinating general publications and scientific paper, presenting at relevant conferences, and organising workshops and demonstrations. For the purpose of Concertation, candidate projects in related fields of research are identified and approached for co-operation and information exchange. Moreover, clustering with relevant projects is realised and co-ordinated.



HiTec - Vereinigung High Tech Marketing
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